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"Justice For Jason"

Mad Wax Legal Defense

Hi, I'm Jason Carruthers, owner of Mad Wax, a small waxing salon in Windsor, Ontario. Recently, I was ordered to pay $35,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (HRTO) for alleged discrimination. This ruling is unjust because I did not discriminate against anyone, and I need your help to fight it.

Why This Matters?

This ruling is unjust and proves that any small business owner can be accused of discrimination. This ruling has placed an immense emotional and financial burden on me and my family as we continue the legal fight.

How You Can Help:

I'm applying for a Judicial Review to rectify this injustice and I need your support. Please consider donating to my Legal Defense Fund. Every contribution counts.

Thank you:

Your support means the world to me and my family. Thank you for standing with us in this fight for justice.

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